Superhuman Fitness Events

Superhuman Quattro

-48 Days 20 Hours 35 Minutes

A team event for 4 athletes (2 males & 2 females) open to athletes of all levels and abilities.

Athletes will compete and work together across 3 non-technical and inclusive WODs (heaviest weight being 35kg for females and 50kg for males). The top 20 teams will go through to the semi-final (movements will become more technical and weights will increase to 40kg females and 60kg males) after the semi the top 10 will go through to the final. Movements will again become more technical and weights will increase to 50kg females and 70kg males.

Date: Sunday 12th March
Price: £50.00

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Superhuman Games 2017

35 Days 19 Hours 35 Minutes

Same sex pairs compete together across 6 x 20 minute multi fitness challenges accessible to athletes of all backgrounds and disciplines.

Challenges will range from tyre flips and burpees to rowing and running to deadlifts and atlas stones to a 400m assault course. Pairs will complete as many rounds/reps as they can within 20 minutes.

Date: Saturday 3rd June
Price: £47.00

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Superhuman Elite

148 Days 19 Hours 50 Minutes

Athletes will complete five online seeding WODs over five weeks. Based on these results and your placing on the leaderboard, you will compete in either the Rx or Scaled category on the day of the Finals (i.e 1-50 will be Rx and 50-100 will be Scaled)

Online seeding WODs will have a weight limit of 50kg for Males and 35kg for Females and will not contain any advance Barbell or Gymnastic movements.

Points System:

  • Points scored from the 5 online seeding WODs will be carried over to the day of the Finals. For example, if you win all 5 online seeding WODs you'll start the day on 5 points. If you place second in all online seeding WODs you will start the Finals with 10 points.
  • On the day of the Finals, your points scored in WODs 1-4 will be added to your points scored in the online seeding WODs.
  • Your finishing position at the Finals will be based on a total of nine WODs
  • Athletes with the lowest points in each category will be crowned winners.

Date: Sunday 24th September
Price: £45.00

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Superhuman Throwdown

217 Days 20 Hours 35 Minutes

Registration opening soon.

Mixed sex pairs will work and compete together across 3 WODs.

The first 3 WODs will be non-technical and accessible to athletes of all levels and backgrounds. The heaviest female weight will be 35kg and the heaviest male weight will be 50kg. The top 10 pairs will go through to the final where the movements will become more technical, think DU’s, MU’s Olympic lifts, and the weights will increase to 50kg female and 70kg male.

Date: Saturday 2nd December
Price: £42.00

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