Superhuman Games 2015 Bristol

1 Months 17 Days 18 Hours


Start: 06-06-2015 8:00 am End: 06-06-2015 6:00 pm Price (per person) £40.00 Location Bristol
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Superhuman Games 2015, Bristol June 6th - 7th

A Test of Physical and mental toughness

Superhuman Games is a fitness challenge like no other that has been designed to put your fitness and endurance to the test across a range of disciplines. The event is open to anyone who thinks they have what it takes to get through all the five challenges.

You and your team mate will take part in five gruelling challenges throughout the day and as you move through the challenges you will earn points for your team depending on your performance on each challenge. 

Click the 'Challenges' tab at the top of the page to find out more about the workouts.

The Structure

The Games is a same sex pairs event.

You & your team mate will need to take part in five different challenges throughout the day. Each challenge will be different to the next and each will push you both to the limits.

You will be given a timetable in the weeks prior to the event so that you can plan your team strategy.

A live leader board has been built and will be active throughout the weekend.

Age Categories: 18-39 & Masters (40+) - The category you will be placed in will be calculated by the average age of your team. 

The Scoring System 

You will have 20 mins to complete as much work as possible. The amount of work completed will equate to an amount of points